Via Apostolica is committed to planting churches and training leaders in the ministry he has called us to, which is a ministry of Word, Sacrament, and Spirit, from a posture of servanthood, which works tirelessly for the salvation of those outside of Christ.

In the process of teaching and training someone for ordained ministry, there is much to be understood, but it was the simplicity of a statement made from the Diocese of the Upper Midwest in the ACNA that seems to catch the heart of ordained ministry best. 

"People might ask: “If everyone is called to serve, why then are only some ordained?” Ordained ministry is more than a call to serve the Church; it is the call to be the Church’s servant. Ordination is not about being recognized and validated; it is about recognizing and serving Christ in the least of his brothers (Matthew 25:40)."

Since its inception Via Apostolica has worked to be a training center for the people of God, whether this led to ordained ministry or the ministry we share as the priesthood of all believers. Because of this, it became apparent that we needed a path towards ministry. A way to help distinguish the difference between those called to be a witness and missionary in the word and those called to be the servants of the church in ordained ministry. Below you will find a link to a pdf of our ordination pathway. This pathway of training is overseen first and foremost by our Bishop Todd Atkinson and then secondly by Fr. Robert Steele. The training itself is walked out in the local church setting, and because of that, there are many people involved in the care and support of every aspirant. 

If you feel called to vocational ministry through Holy Orders, then please contact us through the form below. We want to talk to you about how we can serve you towards your calling as a servant of Christ and his bride, the church.

We are indebted to our friends at ANiC, Diocese of the Upper Midwest, C4SO that helped us in the formation of this ordination pathway.

Ordination Inquiries

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