Via Apostolica (Latin for 'the apostolic way') is an anglican movement of churches and leaders who are rich in hope for a bright future!  Our hope is established upon three premises:

  1. Having the highest possible Christology – to see Christ rightly as the glorious, ascended, altogether worthy, one-of-a-kind, Son of God.
  2. Having the highest possible Ecclesiology – to see the church restored and become a glorious home for a glorious Lord; a fitting habitation for him.
  3. Having the highest possible Missiology – just as it was the mission of Christ to perfectly reveal God the Father, so it is the joyful mission of the church to reveal Christ. That we might be the face of Christ to those outside the church – a face that is welcoming and hope giving, understanding and healing, receiving and redeeming.

We are by no means alone in anticipating a wonderful new day coming for Christ’s church. However, in our experience, it is by looking back that we see most clearly the way forward.  The Old Testament prophet declared, “Thus says the LORD: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”(Jeremiah 6:16) It is by looking to the ancient church that we have come to understand the future of the church. Via Apostolica is a movement devoted to recovering the faith, doctrine, and practice of the early Christian period.

At the same time, it is our goal to express the historic faith in ways that are accessible to this generation. Christ was at the same time both ancient and modern. He was the Logos who existed eternally and the Incarnate Son who was born into a specific time. So also the Church that bears His name is called to embody our ancient Faith to a modern world.

Our crest conveys the central passions of Via Apostolica. The most central symbol (the cross and ring surrounding the intersection) represents the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ – the fountainhead of our faith (1 Cor. 15:3-4). On the right is a clasped Bible. Because we love Christ, we love the Holy Scriptures that reveal Christ and His Gospel. It is clasped because we need the Spirit of God, working through the Church of God (the Church Fathers, the Creeds, the Ecumenical Councils, Christian community, etc.) to help us arrive at the true meaning of the Word of God and to imbibe it. At the top is the descending Spirit. Because we love Christ, we love the Spirit that he gifts to us. Following the ascension, the earthly ministry of Jesus continues by the Spirit, through the Church. On the left is a chalice representing a Sacramental understanding of our faith. Because we love Christ, we love the Sacraments that he meets us in (Luke 24:30-31, 35). The lion image at the foundation represents Christ’s ruling nature. Because we love Christ, we obey him as the ascended Lord and King. The crossed keys represent our apostolicity (Matthew 16:19). Because we love Christ, we love the orderly succession of ministry that he has appointed.

Via Apostolica is overjoyed to be part of, in the words of the Creed, the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.” “One” – because we take seriously Jesus' words, “that they may be one.”(John 17:11) “Holy” - the Church is of divine origin and under divine Headship, and we are obliged, therefore, to act like it. “Catholic” – in union with all God’s people, past and present, we go into all the world, with all of God’s revealed truth. “Apostolic” – we are devoted to the doctrine and practice of the Holy Apostles and their successors.

Our vision is to see a people arise that are impassioned for Jesus, his Church, and his world; a church that is united to Christ by the Spirit, hears Christ in the Scriptures, and encounters Christ in the Sacraments; a church whose roots go deep into our past but whose branches stretch far into our culture; a church that loves sincerely, worships adoringly, and serves selflessly.