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We are excited to announce that the Vestry of Via Church Calgary has decided to apply for reception in the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC). Fr. Trevor, the board and laity of Via Calgary, have been positively impacted by the clergy and parishes of ANiC in Calgary and are excited to be moving forward in this process of finding a new diocesan home. Please pray for them and for the leaders of ANiC as they move forward together toward the reception of the congregation into the diocese.

Additionally, Via Calgary has made two other changes regarding the name and location for Sunday worship.

Via Calgary has officially changed her name to Christ our King Anglican Church. They have also found a new location for Sunday worship. They will be meeting now in the Chapel of First Baptist Church in downtown Calgary. They are very excited about the new location as Fr. Trevor believes it will serve Christ our King's future in Calgary. 

Please pray for Fr. Trevor and Melody and the whole Church as they seek to serve the Lord in His mission in Calgary.