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Once again, January brought about new steps of unity for us at Via Apostolica. We are so thankful for the College of Bishop's in the ACNA who have worked to keep care of our small movements parishes and people. 

Below is a part of the communiqué that was released from the college of bishop's meeting. Please read below to hear of the exciting news that moves Via one step closer to a resolved position within the ACNA. 



Last year, on January 10, 2019, Bishop Todd Atkinson was accepted into the College, while the jurisdictional status of his churches in Canada, called “Via Apostolica,” was still to be determined.

At this meeting of the College of Bishops, exactly one year later, the following proposal, moved by Bishop Charlie Masters, Bishop of the Anglican Network in Canada, was presented and accepted:

This College of Bishops recommends to the Provincial Executive Committee and Provincial Council the establishment of Via Apostolica as a Provincial Missionary District under Canon 12 and recommends Bishop Todd Atkinson be designated a ‘Bishop for Special Mission” to lead this ministry.

This will next be presented to the Executive Committee in February of this year and the Provincial Council in June.