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Recently there have been developments for two presbyters in our Missionary District. First, after careful consideration and prayer with Bishop Quigg, Fr. Jep Banda has accepted a position at Crowsnest Community Christian Centre. Fr. Jep, his wife Treena and their children have felt the Lord's leading to minister in the Crowsnest Pass for many years. They are excited about what the Lord has in store for them, the Church, and the Crowsnest Pass. 
Also, Fr. Lawrence Kopp has decided, after prayer and consultation with Bishop Quigg, to voluntarily suspend his ministry and resign from priestly ministry with the Missionary District of Via Apostolica. Bishop Quigg has accepted this resignation. 
Bishop Quigg and the Bishops Council ask that you pray for Fr. Lawrence, Fr. Jep and their families as they enter into new aspects of ministry. We are grateful for the Lord's leading for each of our clergy and for the new opportunities He is providing. Please pray for the nearness of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to be with them and through them in new ways.