It’s now been just over three years since Wanda and I moved out here to take leadership of Via Comox Valley. The first fall and every year following, the board prayed and asked God for a word, a direction for the church. In the first year, the word was ESTABLISH. That year was undoubtedly one of testing, pruning, and standing together. We stood together, saying, "Yes, we are meant to be here as a church in this valley, and yes, we have something worth fighting for." We saw our community pull together and take ownership of the vision of Via Comox.

In the second year, God gave us the word FAVOR. It seemed that God was blessing individuals with favor in their businesses, relationships, personal growth, and witness. The leadership team sensed that God was asking us to dream bigger dreams and anticipate His provision.

This past year the word has been WITNESS. We are excited about the incredible network of connections our church has in the community, and we are taking steps to solidify and strengthen these connections. One of these steps has been to hire Brett Kroecker, in a part-time capacity, to help lead us into a more intentional mission and witness in our community.