Thank you for your interest in what is happening in Calgary! We are so grateful for your vested interest in us. If you are reading this as part of our mother church, Via Lethbridge, thank you for your continual support and prayers. In many ways, Via Calgary is your child, and this report card is for you to celebrate the growth of your good fruits! 

The community is growing steadily; God is adding to our numbers one by one, the next right piece of the puzzle. Our growth as a family/community is strong, as God is knitting us together surely and organically. We are actively looking for a new space to worship in, and though we currently have nothing that stands out as an option, God’s sovereign grace has been evident. God is forming something beautiful, and he is beginning a new thing for us. The season has shifted, and we are preparing to launch at the beginning of Advent this year. Our gifted and committed leadership team is working hard at getting ready. 

God has shared with each of our leaders individually a unified vision of who we are, who we will reach, and where we are going. This new season is very exciting and is beginning to move quickly. 

Prayer requests: 

  • Protection over relationships as we labour for the harvest. 
  • Provision of a space that we can put down roots and continue to grow in. 
  • More labourers. 
  • Discernment over the direction. We are beginning to move quickly, and do not take any step outside of God’s plan for us. 
  • Strength and vision to propel our leaders forward, and to draw the rest of the congregation into serving in their callings towards the building of God’s glorious Church. 



Deacon Trevor